Emerald Tree Care, LLC After using this company for 7 years to inject and prevent emeral ash borer, they failed to come on a timly matter and inject my tree, now this very large ash tree is dying. Called and owner put me on to another man in the office who lied and said the tree would be fine. Roselle Illinois


After using Emerald Tree Care, LLC, for 7 years to inject my ash tree for borer insect protection, and always being required to pre pay months in advance, they would come every other year in early June to apply this service, so 2 years ago they failed to show up at the usual time. I called the owner, Wayne, and he stated he was working on a large contract for ash borer protection elsewhere in northern Ill. and would not be at my home until late July to provide this service. I stated that’s too late in the year for the injections to be effective and he knew that. He stated not to worry the tree would be fine. I practically begged him to come as soon as possible. He would not. So now my very large ash tree is indeed dying ! I called the company owner again and he would not take my call . So now this large tree in the front of my home will need to be removed and replaced at a very expensive cost to me. Beware this business !