DONALD JONES INNOVATIONS LLC Mr. Henry Kendah ( Sales & Marketing ) DR CARTER FLEA Stole Money Covid-19 medical face mask scam Mail Fraud Wire Transfer Bank Fraud Atlanta GA


Purchase Covid -19 Medical Mask 10000 at .40c and 590 shipping for $4590.

Paid with Bank Wire Gave Fake tracking number to scam us to pay for medical covid 19 face mask. Tracking number was for a letter not a  USPS cargo shipment. Called company no answer . Didn't respond to email.

Letter was sent to fool w/ different name and sender. 

Business is fake:

Donald Jones Innovations LLC
Mr. Henry Kendah ( Sales & Marketing )
Address : 1175 Peachtree St NE #1201Atlanta, GA 30361
WhatsApp: +1240-899-0689
Telephone: +1770-800-3145
Fax: +1770-800-3146
Email: [email protected]