DNJ Engine Components, Inc Can’t even ship their product! Chatsworth California


I recently ordered a set of cylinder head bolts for my small block ford, they were on amazon and for $30 bucks for enough to do both sides I THOUGHT it was a great deal. So, I order them, four days later I get a notifcation saying the package was delivered to my doorstep, great!  I then walk out to my front porch, lo and behold a yellow package was there, although it looked kinda small and thin considering there was supposed to be 12 bolts, I open it up and there is absolutely NOTHING in there.

How can you fail to put a product inside of an envelope or box before you ship it out??? seriously a joke. And considering that they’re an American company that manufactures in the good ol’ USA, I was pretty disappointed.  My advice is don’t bother with them. Spend a few more bucks for something better.  I know mistakes happened, I tried contacting them and haven’t heard a peep, havent gotten an email, nor have I gotten a phone call. And I know this isn’t amazons fault, they don’t package the initial product.