Dixon Hayes Witheral and Ward Taylor Ward Malpractice reporting to the bar association Toledo ohio


We are currently seeking malpractice against this firm. After just getting off the phone with opposing counsel to find out "he did the bare minimum!" "also stating almost a yr he failed to do anything such as depositions nor fact finding! The opposing counsel said" We are unawareof any of my accusations and now in light of it, is working with opposing counsel..

After almost a yr, Taylor new just about nothing on the case in our last phone conference, and when i called him on it he quit! He withdrew from the case leaving us in a serious bind as we are out of town forcing us to look for new council and trying to repeat the entire case. Folks , find another attorney we are going after him through the bar association, he has double billed us, never cc on any of his communications forcing us to call then billing for the call.

I have a business in Florida and virginia and have wonderful representations there.. Not in Ohio! Stay as far away from Taylor Ward! or you will be sorry you didnt go somewhere else..We are at a loss for words! can go into other details the last yr has "represented" us.