Creative Management Services – Phoenix, AZ A CMS representative contacted me saying that I owed them for hosting and maintenance fees of a website I purchased Phoenix Arizona


I was contacted by a woman named Courtney from CMS in late January 2020. I was told that I owed $359.40 for web hosting for the year 2019. That this website had been purchased by me through click bank. And that they had been trying to collect these fees for a year on a card that was used for purchasing the website ( through click bank, wanted payment to bring account current before they would send my commission check.

I asked them why it took a year to contact me about the website if they had my contact info. The reply was that they generally do all communications by email and that payments were handled by a different department. My commission was supposed to be $3347. I was sent an email showing all the company info and contact details.

My affiliate #28955 and website address was given so I could look at website and see what I've earned. If you try to email CMS to address provided it's undeliverable or call the number given its been disconnected. I have not received a check from this company.

I do dabble in online opportunities to make some income, so this sounded legit in the beginning. I was dumb enough not to fully check this company out and sent them the payment. Now I lost that money to these scammers.

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