CareCentrix Apria Healthcare llc Cigna CareCentrix Apria Healthcare LLC ripoff , Deceptive business billing practices Atlanta Ga


The doctor ordered the breathing treatments that required a nebulizer , we orded one on line; several days later a driver delivers on box with a nebulizer with a 9 page sales agreement with no prices, strange we thought but we have good insurance nobody said anything about how much or if there's a cost.

Several weeks later we had a $140 bill for a nebulizer we could buy for $30. We called CareCentrix they say they just collect the money for Apria Healthcare llc , we called Apria Llc, they do not take returns ! Who in their right mind would pay $140 for something you can buy for $30 . These companies are whom Cigna Insurances is using to supply its patiences.

There has to be something illegal about this! It's unethical and deceptive, since Google and I found several attorneys that I've been bringing class action lawsuits against both companies for these actions. With this be a warning to anyone do not except anything from either of these companies.