Burton Harris Farmers Insurance Farmers Insurance Calabasas Burton Arthur Harris Burton A. Harris Insurance Agency, Inc 4766 Park Granada Ste 104 Calabasas, CA 91302 [email protected] Overpriced, Poor Communication. Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Conejo, Westlake Village, Calabasas, California


I purchased 3 policies from this agent and paid all of the premiums in full in advance, however every month thereafter I received an invoice in the mail. When I queried Burt Harris he told me to just ignore them which I did.



Burton Harris Farmers Insurance Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Calabasas.

Three months after my poicies had expired and I had placed my policies with another agent I received in the mail two notices from Credit Collection Services regarding Farmers Insurance Group , both marked past due and with this statement "Please be advised, failure to satisfy your credit obligations may resultin adverse credit information being reported to a Credit Bureau.

This could have a negitive effect on your ability to obtain a future loan and/or negotiate favorable credit terms with your business partners" I called Burt Harris and pointed out that I had paid the entire premimum in advance and asked that he contact the Collection Service, inform them that I had paid in full in advance and send me a letter for my records that stated that I did not owe any money to Farmers Insurance.

Today. August 26 is three weeks since I received the collection notices and I still have not received that which I requested including proof of prior payment.
No one wants their credit inpuned and I have received nothing from Mr. Harris that informs me that the collection action has been dismissed.

Would anybody want to do business with someone like this?