Briana saussy Scammed me out of thousands. Demanded clipping of my nails and hair as well as pubic hair. Preyed on me and my vulnerabilities. Caused unknowing destruction to my life. She should be jailed and put out of business. Texas


She spent months demanding more and more money for spells that could not and would not help someone who is suffering from psychological illness. She demanded clippings of my fingernails, pubic hair, head hair. My life spiraled our of control when briana saussy entered it. She was completely ineffective and no "spell" she did had any positive outcome or any outcome at all. She claimed she could regrow hair lost from an illness. Bring back a lover. Heal a broke. Relationship with a mother using honey.

 I mean she is a fraud and a joke and would be better off authoring fairy tales. What a dangerous woman. What a pathetic woman. I think she takes her own insecurity's and projects them onto vulnerable people. I sometimes wonder if she is using the clippings of my hair and nails to continue to curse me. My life has never been in such despair. Shame on her. Please save your money and put your own intention into your life.

Do not hire her to work miracles that only god can. She does not have a secret connection to god or anymore of one than you do. She is not special as much as she wants to believe she is. Heed this as a warning.