Bore Tech Construction (AKA Stephen George) Refuse to pay balance of a job that has been completed since end of Dec 2020


Bore Tech Construction (AKA Stephen George) I’m reporting this because I’m getting ripped off by this person. I started a business and was using David Paredes to help out, Stephen happens to know him pretty well. We did a job for him that ended in December 2020. I decided to discontinue doing business with David Paredes and when I tried to collect what he had owed which was nearly 30K for the job we did, he kept giving the company the run around saying that it was not approved.

All month of January he kept saying the same thing each time we would ask. I then asked him for the last time and he changed his statement acting like he didn’t know what we were talking about, he said that he had already paid all that he owed to David Paredes. The deal was not with him, he does not own the business nor is a part owner of the company. We then told Stephen that if he gave David anything payment, that was on him, that as far as we know, he still owes the company and that if he failed to pay, we would take him to court and we would report him to ATT superintendent. When we told him that, he immediately replied back and said that he was going to pay us but that David Paredes needed to get his percentage of the job.

He has ZERO business on getting in between an agreement between the company and David Paredes. David Paredes invested ZERO dollars into the business therefore, what the company does between David Paredes should not be of his concern. David Paredes got paid for his labor. Up until this day, Stephen still owes a balance of 15K. Stephen is an unprofessional fellow and should not take advantage of the hard working people. Refuse to pay balance of a job that has been completed since end of Dec 2020.