Bemis auto sales Fred Franzen (I think ) Sold me a vehicle that only made it 15 miles before breaking down Crivitz Wisconsin


Husband went and test drove a Ford Expedition it sounded good drove good.  He got a quote from Fred, and I went on Monday 4/13/2020 to test drive and buy car.  Thought since husband drove it and they talked about it it would be fine.. I saw it said as is on paperwork but he said he had just had a big job done on it the timing chain and that it sat and he was so happy to see it go. He talked a lot of crap about people on phone and people in his lot.  

We paid 3200 cash and away we went.  Well 15 miles down road it died.  Pulled in to get gas and it died again.  Called husband he said ok he was going to call bemis and let him know.  I drove another 15 miles or so and it died in lot of food place. Let husband know, bemis said maybe bad gas to get some heat and sea foam put in it and let them know after going through that tank.  Didn’t need to drive it Tuesday so wednesday 4/15 630 am driving to work it broke down getting on highway..I drove 30 mph to Kwik trip on Lineville husband met me to switch vehicles.  Later that day we got an engine coder on vehicle and the codes all confirmed misfire and sensors and timing chain, Now this was what got fixed supposedly.  

Thursday I called at 852 to ask if he was aware my vehicle broke down and he said he was waiting for my husband to call him back with engine codes. Now we have called and left messages and he still hasn’t talked to my husband. I’m pissed I believe there is suppose to be a lemon law for this if not there should be cause the vehicle broke after 15 miles of leaving this lot..The estimates from two places is $1800.00 to fix this.. I believe he owes me some money he is false and this shouldn’t be legal to do to people.