BC Group (Qld) Pty. Ltd. Daniel John Smith, Natasha Checkley, David Matthew Bird, Sasha Smith, Brendan Edward Haddock, DJ Smith Construction Pty. Ltd. The RICC Group Pty. Ltd., 24/7 Building and Maintenance, Build 4U Brisbane. Daniel J Smith is a de-registered working illegally in the South East Queensland region around Brisbane Murarrie Queensland


Daniel J Smith is a de-registered builder who has had multiple building companies including DJ. Smith Construction Pty. Ltd., The RICC Group Pty. Ltd., 24/7 Building and Maintenance Pty. Ltd. and most recently Build 4U (Brisbane) Pty. Ltd. either de-registered by the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) or wound up by creditors for failure to pay suppliers and/or employees. Smith is no longer allowed to hold a builder's licence so is now working (illegally) under the guise of another nominee – David Matthew Bird – QBCC licence number 15152626.

Smith is renowned throughout Queensland for (a) doing grossing defective building works (as an example works completed on our property required nearly $300,000 worth of rectification), he doesn't pay suppliers – in the mid 2000's I found more than $1.2M owing to creditors and informed the then QBSA who forced his then company (DJ Smith Construction Pty. Ltd.) to be wound up and forced into liquidation.

Smith wasn't allowed to be a "person of influence" in a building company for 6 years, immediately thereafter he launched the RICC Group Pty. Ltd. which suffered a similar fate. He then installed his wife a a puppet director – as he was not allowed to be a company director having been a repeat bankrupt – that company was also wound up and sued by his once accountant whom Dan Smith defrauded a signficant sum of money from, whilst at the same time failing to pay suppliers and employees.

Smith then used another nominees licence to launch Build 4U Brisbane resulting in that nominee losing more than $250K and being held responsible for Smith's defectives works on threat of losing his (the nominee's) building licence, should he not repair Smith's defective work(s).

Smith has now found another sucker to act as a nominee for the GC Group (QLD) Pty. Ltd. installing his long time boyfriend (Brendan Edward Haddock) as the company director and secretary because neither Smith nor his estranged wife (Sasha) whom he left to care for their deformed and intellectually disabled son.

Daniel J. Smith is Brisbane's most hated and distrusted builder – he is incapable of telling the truth and ALL work completed by him will be over-charged and defective in nature. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH THE BC Group (QLD) Pty. Ltd. Australian Business Number: 45635849633, you will be left with a defective property and out of property – just like numerous other victims of Smith in and around the Brisbane and South East Queesland area.