Avista power tresspassed on property installed new meter without notification, then give you the option to opt out, but charge you $75 to put the old one back! clarkston washigton


Avista power company tresspaseed on my property and replaced "my" meter (belongs to the home owner) with some new app freindly meter! NO THANKS!

No knock on the door, no door bell, no notice, well I noticed the next day when I seen the new meter and the guy installing them across the street (should have had words with him!)

how they swapped it out without disturbing my power is a mystery?? They offer an opt out, but if they installed it allready, you get charged $75 to put the old meter back?

So they are running around installing them like crazy without notifing you so they can charge you to put it back! what a scam!

Not to mention they let the neighbors install illegal outdoor lighting for thier illegal horse tainning arena in a residential that is sappose to be prohibited, so they can beat and sell horses illegally. protcted bye lawenforcment and a corrupt county courthouse good old asotin county! the good old boy system.