Auto trim specialist Stole parts from me and did $3500 in damage to car and didn’t do the work Denver Colorado


They had me order the wrong  parts then threw the package away so I couldn’t send it back. They almost set my car on fire ruining a brand new battery in the process. Lied to me on multiple occasions. After I picked the car up the top blew off on the way home, they ruined a brand new freshly painted hood, sprayed glue all over the side of my car, left metal shavings all over the inside of the car.

In total did $3500 in damage to the car. Later found out the frame for the top had been cut and welded on one side which made the frame no good they should have never put the top on the car. They didn’t adjust the the tension cables. Went to court they had the owners 80 year old dad, who doesn’t even work there give the only testimony.

He said they told me the frame was no good and I told them I didn’t want the top put on right. They said the top couldn’t have been welded because tops are made of pot metal and can’t be welded. They said you don’t use glue to put on convertible tops so they couldn’t have sprayed glue on the side of my car.

I didn’t have an attorney and didn’t know how to defend myself. Despite pictures off the glue sprayed on the side off my car, pictures of metal shavings all over the inside of my car. Dents in the hood off my car, receipt from the shop that had to repair the top and body damage, letters from these shops.

Receipts for the parts I had to replace the judge sided with them based on no evidence and the testimony off one person that doesn’t even work there. They had a attorney that coached him to lie on everything  I testified too. I didn’t know how to defend myself. 

The majority of reviews they have are from people  who have had similar problems too what I experienced.