ALA Properties Slum Lord Uninhabitable Properties For Sale By Scammer in Cookeville! Gregg Shuler 931-881-6877 Cookeville Tennessee


I met a man in a local bar who was highly intoxicated bragging about his new career. He shared with me how he was receiving free rent for selling slum lord properties. He was telling me I could get a duplex for nothing since they are so disgusting. Land worth more than the property. He admitted having no liscense, experience and said the owners were very old and not very smart.

They wanted him to move millions of dollars in property. He laughed at their ignorance.  He spent hours buying drinks and talking about getting his fathers money back that his ex took away from him controlling. I asked why he needed his fathers money? He had not worked over six years.I have money to invest in Cookeville, I would never work with a company with over 100 bad reviews for being a slum lord.

I went to the office and found it as disgusting as I imagine the properties are.    First this man, Frederic Gregg Shuler who bragged about beating up his b*tch wife for taking his parents money from him. He wants to sell me real estate without a liscense and seems his best vocation is lifting a drink glass.  Beware, read the reviews on this website and stay away from this person with clearly no morals or values. 

He belongs in the slums with these slum lords getting his free rent!  Ask for appropriate credentials from this"want to be"realtor and believe nothing he tells you in a bar setting, which I think is his primary home in Cookeville. Read the 100 plus negative reviews about the company he represents and don't just walk but run away from this man.  The clear disrespect he has for his employers, his ex wife's, his parents made it clear to me who I was dealing with.

Any man that refers to his ex wifes as b*tches while he is slurring his words and trying to sell me property is not someone I would ever respect and do business with. I would also avoid Bock properties for rentals as he told me how they scam their renters too!  Very sad and frankly what is wrong with our country?These individuals are taking advantage of the less fortunate and proud of it!  Read the reviews, they say it all!!!!

Avoid this Gregg Shuler like the plague, I was quick to find out the facts! He has a nice business card, but a real estate liscense after he told me 3 or 4 Duiis and rehabs. I doubt the wives or former employers were the issue.