Airbnb The reason for my complaint is we are very unhappy with how Airbnb as handled our complaints. We had a bad experience the house was in need of repairs found mouse dropping on the beddin, toilets unclean windows floors. Sanfrancisco California


The owner had made put many unreasonable restrictions on us. We wrote a review that explained our experience but Airbnb failed to post it. As a consumer we feel like this is very misleading and dishonest not to post reviews that are negetive. Are they trying to hide theses reviews to make them look better, or are they protecting the host?

In any case it is bad business and they're not allowing the public to have the facts based on they're personal experience. We're going to pursue this further, what a scam who can be trusted? We booked a home based in the reviews and if there misleading it is fraudulent. Please inform us as to what are rights are and how we can allow the public to be made away of the cover-up.

I wanted to write a negative review. But what would it accomplish, it would only allow the host to hurl more insults back at me. I wasn’t happy about the cleanliness of the home or all the restrictions he placed on our vacation which did distract me from what I wanted the most! I love my family they mean the world to me!

My children and my husband and I have not shared a family vacation in over 20 years. This was our opportunity to heal to bond. And that we did! So even though I feel like I was treated with less kindness and consideration than I would have preferred, this negative experience will never take that from me.

My family is whole again, we are grateful for the opportunity to have used this home even if it wasn’t the best results or what I had imagined it should be,   the laughter that filled the house made me feel complete as a mother! Yes life isn’t always fare but it’s what you make it. So I’m not going to dwell on the negative only hold on to what memories we made with the ones we love so much!