ADP Payroll Service The Worst Service Ever Boston Massachusetts


I started a relationship with ADP and from the beginning it was a disaster.  In the beginning we had a very subpar rep but her manager tried to fix things.  Then the rep left, her manager was promoted and we were then assigned to another novice rep and her manager has the bedside manner of a crab.  Now the new rep left and we were assigned another rep who left 2 weeks into our relationship.  I however have been left with the crab whose name is Tina.  She doesn’t return  calls and sends out emails that make no sense. 

I have been fighting with her and her company about money they took from my account on closed accounts which has not been returned in well over a month.  I have reached out to her manager, Joe, who also doesn’t  return calls.  I do not know how these people survive in a customer service business.  I certainly would never hire either one of them.

If you are thinking of doing business with ADP, think twice or even three times.  Work with your local payroll company.