ADON TSE (ADON WAI-TING TSE)  We hired ADON TSE to perform a financial service transaction and now has disappeared with the funds $150,000 AUD and has stopped answering calls and messages. Sydney NSW


Adon Tse,

You and I had an agreement, and you haven't honored.  

To date, you have paid to me AUD 20,000.  You owe me AUD 150,000 which is the equivalent to CNY 756,000 RMB which was transferred to you on 1/10/2019 Image attached. 

Get me my money.  I am not harassing you, the legal definition of harassment can be found here  

You have stolen from me and I will not cease in my efforts to recover what is mine.  

Please return the full immediately.  In the event that you do not, I will use every resource permissible by law at my disposal to recover these funds.  

This will not go away until my money is returned.

We are trying to locate Adon Tse full name (ADON WAI-TING TSE) Phone number is +61 414 404 088 Australia. Adon is the founder of Royale Group of Companies ABN 87 603 966 132' (ADON WAI-TING TSE)