ACO VACATION HOMES LLC. ACO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Renting and management company of my house, they delivered some of my items broken and some missing. Their response was daily wear and tear. orlando florida


I made an agreement with ACO Vacation Homes company to rent my house in April 2018 and ended the agreement on January 10, 2020. After the date I announced that I would end the deal, there were breaks, damages and losses in my home. The resulting fracture, disappearance or damage were caused to suffer a loss by not collected from the guests who damaged.

Damages in my house are;

Living room broken couch

Living room broken marmol of coffee table

Living room broken dinning chair

Vacum cleaner is broken

2 of outdoor chairs are missing

Door mat is missing

Dress hangers of all 8 rooms are missing

Toilet paper holder is missing

Bad condition of outdoor dining table, looks like never cleaned

Grill has a lot of wear and tear, looks like never cleaned

Damaged pool sliding screen door

Sliding door curtain has some marks

Entrance floor The toilet is clogged

Shower curtain has missing hooks. Shower light is not working

Missing knifes in the cutlery set

Whisky glases are missing

Wine glasses are missing

Champagne glasses are missing

Beer glasses are missing

I of the towels is missing

Poll towels are missing