Ace High Marketing LLC Ace High Leighton Condell Breach of contract, Payment not received Atlanta Georgia


Myself and several colleagues worked for Ace High Marketing during the rodeo this year (March 2020) promoting Coca Cola. We are very concerned because we have not received any feedback in regards to payment. What's even more frustrating is that now all phones are disconnected and we are not getting any of our emails answered. I reached out to you in the hopes that you can make light of this situation.

We are all going through this crisis during COVID-19. With that being said,  finances are completely in shambles. The last thing we need is to not be compensated for our time devoted working for this company. We are all expecting payment by the end of April because that will be the end of the 6 week mark when payment shall be disbursed. I also worked an event last year that has still remained unpaid at this time.

The worst part is I have reached out to the owner Leighton Condell on various platform and he has ignored me. I have called his personal cell to no avail, left voice messages, send messages via Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. He has read my messaged because they show you when they are read and intentionally ignored all my concerns. I am high frustrated and so are my colleagues. All we are asking is to be paid so that this nightmare is over.