1 Shot Auto Logistics Inc Car was supposed to be picked up on Friday. Last Friday I called as to why it wasn’t picked up and no one would tell me why. Fort Lauderdale Florida


I was told that my car would be picked up on Friday, February 14. Near the end of the day I was informed by the auto dealership that my car had not been picked up. I contacted the transport company to inquire why my car was not picked up. I was told that they would contact the driver and find out and call me back. No one ever called me back.

On Saturday morning, February 15, the dealership called me and informed me that my car had not been picked up the day before. Again, I contacted the transport company and asked why my car had not been picked up and when it would be picked up. The person on the phone told me that they would call the driver and call me back.

Three hours later I had not been called back. So again, I called the transport company. Remind you that by this time it was late Saturday. The person on the phone informed me that he would call the driver while I was on the phone. He came back on the line and told me that the driver wasn't answering his phone. He told me he could not give me an answer if the driver wouldn't answer his phone.

This is going on two days with no explanation as to why my car was not being picked up. A driver not answering his phone is no excuse. In the meantime my car is sitting at the car deslership waiting to be picked up. At this point I no longer trust the transport company because they won't give me a reason and they won't call me back.

So I hang up the phone and think about what to do. I contact the dealership and they let me know that they can't sit and hold my car. So I call the transport company back and cancel their services and request a refund of my deposit. I am told that my deposit will be refunded on Monday once accounting comes back into the office.

On Monday I inquire as to when I should expect my refund on the credit card. I am told by a lady named Sara that she will not refund my money because they offered another driver to pick up my car and that things happen like weather and traffic. I understand that things happen, but That's no excuse when you won't tell a customer why the car isn't being picked up, you won't call them back, and you're not following through with when you told him the car would be picked up.

How am I supposed to trust you with my brand new car at this point? They did not follow through with the services I hired them to perform. A refund should be provided. This company is a scam and only wants to take your money. Do not trust them!