Wellness Leadership Academy Marcus Bird Andy Ramsay This company is a total sham – DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY Melbourne


I signed up for this company's "Masters" program which cost $15,000 for one year of "coaching". This program was to include the buildout of a website for me, in-person immersions, a facebook group and online webinars along with coaching from "mentors". 

The people running this company, Andy Ramsay and Marcus Bird are very good salesmen and they make you feel like their program is going to turn your life into everything you have ever imagined. In reality they run a completely disorganized company, they know nothing about the tech they claim to teach in their program (don't even get me started on the disaster my website build out was!) and sadly they end up putting more practitioners in debt than they do teach them to have financial freedom. 

I was extremely disappointed with this program and it really saddened me to see these two men prey on struggling practitioners who were not able to say no to their sales pitch. I watched so many practionners in this program think they were paying for something that was really going to help them but in reality it only made them feel bad about themselves and end up in debt. 

Fortunately, I had the money to spend and did not end up in debt (just frustrated that I wasted a year of my life). I am writing this to warn anyone considering this program that there are much better coaches/programs out there to teach you how to run an online business. If you do end up at one of their workshops, don't stay for the sales pitch. Leave while you still feel inspired about the future of online health programs and you still have 15K in your pocket. There are WAY better ways to spend your money.