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TD Bank U.S. TD Bank U.S. does Not support Quicken Mobile App!

If you have a TD Bank U.S. checking account (like I do) and use Quicken from your desktop or laptop and want to use the Quicken Mobile App (which stores data in the cloud) you can't because I was told recently by a TD Bank tech rep that the mobile app is NOT supported and will not work.

Imagine that, just plain dumb, so much for customer service. Like me you have a choice between Quicken and TD Bank U.S.

Miracle Ear Pleasanton California – Owner Gregg Olson Health Services LLC Gregg Olsen 1059 E Iron Eagle Dr Eagle, ID 83616 Franchises in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and California failure to honor there contract for return of hearing aids Pleasanton California

I purchased hearing aids on 03-23-19 and requested a refund on 04-15-19. Problem after problem. I was told they were an in network provider- not true- as a result my primary insurance provider didn't pay at in network price and secondary provider paid out $2,725.00 instead of $4,000.00. I would have never used them had I been told the truth. I paid 2,000.00 down on a $7,990.00 pair of hearing aids- balance was supposed to put on credit card with 0% percent financing- this was not done- 5,000.00 was put on card for 5 years with 12% interest.

I made call after call- email after email. Darryl Brooks- manager of the Pleasanton Store who does not reside in CA) called me and stated he would call me back- that never happened until I went to Corporate and called 3 days in a row! When he called me back he was extremely rude and accused me of not paying $2,000.00 which I had and when he looked it up (in other words- did his job and checked) he realized I had paid the 2,000.00 down.

I am bringing up his name because after going back and forth with Corporate- they advised me to call :Gregg Olson @(360) 573-8650 Email: [email protected] – I emailed him yesterday with no response and called back the number today to be told by "Kay" at that number that Darryl Brooks should be helping me. What a nightmare! I have emails and call logs to back up what I am saying. I requested a refund during the time frame required in their contract.

PLEASE!! Stay away from Pleasanton Miracle Ear and kindly support me by calling and emailing the owner  Gregg Olson  @(360) 573-8650 and  Email: [email protected] about taking responsibility and honoring their contracts. There are other service providers out there "why" utilize a company that is dishonest and does not abide by their contracts.



Quick thoughts app on google play Dynata llc. , survey sampling international llc They did not pay me, locked out of account. Same issue for over 500 people in google play store. =

Rip off they do not pay, lock you out of account, do not answer their email. In google play store more than 500 people one of my friends included say same thing. I strongly adbise you avoid this deceptive company you will waste days and weeks of your time. They do not do what they say or even respond to complaints from consumers, a ridulous way to do business quick thoughts app! 5 thumbs down

Chillicothe Trucks Inc Master’s Automotive Sold us a truck that the engine blowed up in within 2 months of purchase. Chillicothe Ohio

    Purchased a 2011 Ford F350 Super Duty Truck with 14,1207 miles, it ran good. Checked Car Fax, looked good. This truck was a diesel with good miles, one owner so us did not take out the warrent which cost extra.

    Costed of the truck was  $27,404.12 Purchased it on 6/13/2019. Made 2 payments on the truck and it stopped running without no warning under normal road conditions. Had it towed to the garage to see what happen. The mechanic checked it out and said that the motor was blowed up in it.

     New engine and labor costed approx. $13,000.00. Went to Chillicothe Trucks and explained the problem. Saleman said they needs a second appended from their mechanic in Lancaster, Ohio which would cost us the tow bill there and back plus the cost of the mechanic. We said no and the saleman said "Sorry About Your Luck" and showed me to the door.

      Checking further on the Carfax, it states that this truck has been worked on after we purchase the truck by Master's Automotive in Dryden MI. We purchased the truck on June 13, 2019, Car Fax states they have serviced this truck on June 20, 2019, Serviced it again on July 02, 2019, and Serviced it again for Refrigerant added for leak checked A/C Refrigerant Recharged on July 24, 2019. all three was after our purchase in Chillicothe, Ohio. And truck was not been to Mich. since the purchase. It also says there was 150,000 on the truck, which is false, it has approx. 142,000.

       Chillicothe Trucks has been known for selling vehicles in poor condition which we were unaware of until this happen. We believe this should be brought the the public's attention. Also people needs to know about Masters Automative reporting false information to Car Fax about vechicles.

Taxrise Sam Price, CEO Scammed us out of $1505.45. Claimed they could reduce our IRS debt, and they DID NOTHING! Bait and switch tactics! Irvine California

If I could give this place a negative 100 I certainly would! Run far away from these scam artists!
DO NOT BELIEVE any of their lies. Do not sign up for any of their services! DO NOT given them your credit card number!

We were scammed out of $1505.45! I wish we had never heard of these LIARS! It was just a nightmare that has lasted for more than 3 months now.

***copy of email sent to their CEO Sam Price***

We are still requesting a FULL refund of $1505.45. Last week I spoke to Jennie Phillips. She was rude, and dismissed whatever I said as "opinion". I asked to be transferred to someone else, she refused to transfer me. I asked to be transferred to your voicemail, again Jennie denied my request.

She provided zero answers, as to why your company lied about us to the Better Business Bureau. Why your company charged my husband's visa card a whole week early, after he was very clear with Sergio about what date to bill his card??!! There was no answers as to when your company contacted the IRS two times to request a reduction of our debt by $500, which your firm said was denied by the IRS.

Did your company call the IRS to make these requests, email them, fax them, or go to one of their local offices?? Who at the IRS was contacted in regards to these reduction requests??! What is that person's contact info?

Nothing we were told by your company has been verified by the IRS! Your company also claimed to request our account be placed in a non-collectible status, and that the IRS denied that as well. So when was this request made?? What is the exact dates, and times, and who specifically at the IRS denied these requests?!

Your company is fraudulent, and has preyed on us. We don't deserve to be lied to, and taken advantage of, our hard earned money stolen! Your company promised us that a reduction of our debt would be given, that was a LIE! My husband believed your lies and got nothing in return!

I spoke with a friend last week, who works for the IRS. I was told that the IRS does installment agreements for FREE! So that is more proof that your company scammed us out of $1505.45. So how is it that your company is justified in keeping our money, when you did NOTHING?! We were sold a reduction of our debt and that never occurred! All that the IRS told me that was done by your company was two phone calls, one of May 12th and one on July 12th.

I just got a letter from IRS stating that your company revoked the power of attorney of July 25th. This was just a few days before I complained via phone, and spoke to Yelena, then to Omar on July 31st. So it is obvious your company failed us, lied to us at every turn, and never had any intention of making things right.

It is just absolutely unconscionable what your company has done to us! Then to further insult us, you send some letter to us to scam us for another $73 per month, wanting us to sign up for your credit monitoring service. Is this a sick JOKE??! I want all of our personal information deleted from your records. Do not mail us anymore of your scam letters. REFUND OUR MONEY!!

Wilshire Financial Group, Inc Corporation Giant Inc Pretend to have Shell Companies for sale CFO/CEO positions to help get funding for small and large businesses Beverly Hills CA

They advertise seasoned companies for sale to help you get immediate funding. You pay a fee and they suposedly get you funding. They put you in touch with Bank of America to set up an account and they deliver nothing…take your money and then give ou an excuse as t why they can't fund you.

Bill James and John Gary are total smoke and mirrors. They maintain a office in high rent district on Wilshire and it all is a front to add to the believability of their scam! We are in touch with Ca Attorney Genrals Office regarding them and our situation.

Mivomi.com Beware:Scam website, Take your money and not send your stuff Florida Tallahassee Florida

Beware of this place, the website checkers report this site as unsafe/fraud. Order date 7-28-19. We we’re looking for a new unused portable air condition using google search. They showed up in serarch cheaper than anyone else, not by much but a few dollars.

We ordered using our credit card and was immediately charged $269.99, then we get this strange generic email stating the order was being held until funds were received- red flag. They used PayPal but we don’t so we checked out as a guest but never received a email from PayPal, we usually do- red flag.

The order stated we’d recieve our order in 4-5 days, (we needed it bad because our home AC was having trouble) nothing no notice of order being shipped then we find out their customer service number isn’t even in service 850-386-9214 and no where could we find a working number and emails weren’t answered for days, if at all.

Finally after we realize this is a scam, we emailed to cancel order # 2507, after emailing them for days multiple times a day they said ok order cancelled. Then days more of emails to inquire about a refund with nothing for days then a email says watch for refund but nothing showed, more emails then they say they sent enough money and no more and to check with pay pal.

This sites failing grade on website safety plus this runaround is sure signs of a scam. We googled their address, not a big store front or warehouse, just a private residence in a neighborhood.

getaroom.com hamptoninnroanoke.guestreservations.com, guestreservations.com charged $50.44 to book a hotel room for 1 night in addition to hotel charge

I looked up Hampton Inn Roanoke VA, got hamptoninnroanoke.guestreservations – I thought I was on the hotel reservation site.  I selected a nonrefundable room, entered my credit card info, and when I went to check out, the price jumped $50+. 

Called hotel and was informed that I had booked on a site that was 3rd party, ie, getaroom.com, not their reservation site (look at site name:  hamptoninnroanoke.guestreservations).  Since I selected nonrefundable, I knew I could not cancel.  At check out on 8/27/19, the bill the hotel gave me was $50.44 less than what my credit card was charged.  

Sixstar Mentoring and Coaching Sixstar Sixstar Coaching False claims on providing clients and high paying job New York New York

Sixstar is a scam. You take a 10 minute recruiting video where they offer you to pay for their training to be certified as a life coach to coach their clients that they provide for you. They say they are a huge international company that need more life coaches because they can’t fill the demand of clients needing coaching fast enough.

They say that all you need to do is provide them with your availability and you can start making money. There are no clients ready and available to pay for coaching. You have to sign up leads for their coaching packages. You also unknowingly sign to terms and conditions that you are unaware of when you purchase the course.

The hidden fine print states that they don’t guarantee any work and that you are responsible for sign ups. They are misleading in their ads and in all the information they provide. They need to be stopped. If it’s too good to be true, it’s because it really is too good to be true. Buyer beware.

PostalExam473 postalexam473.com postalexam473e.com PostalExam473e This company is selling prep material for an exam that was eliminated over 4 months ago! Tucson AZ

I bought material from PostalExam473.com which is supposed to help me prepare to pass the test required for entry level jobs at the Post Office. I paid $39 on this website. The prep material was emailed to me by "Tom Jones" of "USPS Employment" but this has to be a scam because why would someone from USPS send me the wrong material?

So now I have paid this money and have material that is obsolete and no current material to help me pass the assessment and get the job. I tried to call the number on the website and it is just a recording to leave a msg in one of three mailboxes but there is no way to speak to a live person. I sent an email back to whoever is calling themselves "Tom Jones" but I have yet to get a response. DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THESE CROOKS!