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Snowman Construction LLC Snowman Insulation DO NOT USE THIS CONTRACTOR – UNFINISHED PROJECT – POOR QUALITY Lake Crystal MN

Avoid this contractor. Sadly I started a project for siding and windows July 2018. Knowing Brad my whole life, I trusted him and paid him over $30500. Its now August 2019 and the project is still far from done. During the process he ordered wrong color of siding, ordered wrong window sizes. He is very unorganized and lot of the work that has been completed is in such poor quality that it needs to be redone.

One of his new employees even pointed out how crooked 2 of Brads installed windows are. I am currently getting estimates from other contractors to finish up all this uncompleted work and fix this disaster Brad has caused. Also starting a lawsuit to try to recover costs and damages, but according to the screenshots that Brad has used for excuses, (one of his bank account having no money), I am not very optimistic.

Thankfully, there is a Minnesota Contractors Fund! If he would do this to a longtime friend – imagine how bad he would screw you over, not knowing you. Do NOT use this contractor. If you decide to anyways – if you do, do NOT pay him until work has been completed. very very very very disappointed 🙁

Juvenal(Jay) Delgado d.b.a. Clearview Irrigation Convert existing sprinkler system into a drip irrigation system Santa Ana California.

Do not hire Juvenal (Jay) Delgado/Clearview Irrigation. He does not have the skills/qualifictions/intentions to install/repair/replace any irrigation system. He does not have a contractors license nor a business license. 

He charged me for new materials, but gave me used/rusted ones. He used the wrong parts. He did not use the parts he said were needed, but charged me for them. He pressured me into buying a new timer and then damaged it by cutting the wires and leaving them exposed to the elements.

I am a senior citizen and he was aggresives and intimidating with me. He threatened to walk off the job before he completed all work if I did not pay him for everything – even though I had already paid him 80% of our contract amount. The drip system failed the first eveneing it was timed to begin. He left my irrigation system unoperable. I had to hire a different company to correct all the damage. Litigation is pending.

Trade Genius I paid for a year worth of services. After a few days I realized their software and services are faulty But they denied my request for refund. California

I purchased TRADE GENIUS and was completely dissatisfied. I ordered the crypto package for $999. After a few days of using it I realized it was crapy software the education was for absolute beginners and the signals were wrong more than they were right. They told me they will not refund my money although I had already paid for an entire year in the package deal.

Then they offered to give me 25% of my money back after only using their crapy system for 4 days. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! I am reporting them to rip off report, the Better Business Bureau and everywhere else to let people know about this company. Seriously, I never return things when I buy them but everything about this $1000 package was so bad.

Disbar Bari Nejadpour at the Law Offices of Nejadpour & Associates Fari Bari Nejadpour License Suspended Multiple Times, Unethical, Unprofessional, CA Beverly Hills

I have unfortunately known Bari Nejadpour at the Law Offices of Law office of Nejadpour & Associates for many years professionally and personally. It took a lot of courage to write this review and finally reveal the truth knowing what a conniving and spiteful man he is and how capable he is of damaging and tormenting anything that comes in his path.

To say that he is dangerous to people and their wellbeing is an understatement. On a professional level, he is extremely unethical. His license has been suspended on three different occasions: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Licensee/Detail/216925. For more information on the details of one of these suspensions, go here: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/courtDocs/10-O-08276-2.pdf. Apparently, he was representing both sides of a divorce case and convinced his clients to hire his own wife as the realtor. He has a history of aggression and violence with his clients and has thrown a tantrum in front of the judge several times when he doesn’t get his way.

He advertises on 670 AM which is a famous Persian radio station I’ve come to find out. That’s where he gets the majority of his business…from desperate families that barely speak English and can’t do their due diligence researching attorneys. He comes across extremely confident and knowledgeable on the radio but once you hire him, he will not only ruin the other party’s life, but your children’s lives as well. He permanently and intentionally sabotages the entire family unit to the detriment of his own clients as well. He has no mercy.

I’ve seen him tear away children from their parents as if it’s not in the best interest of children to have both parents involved. As if it’s the children’s fault that their parents are going through a divorce and it’s their responsivity to pay for it. I’ve seen him get Child Protective Services involved and make false accusations about one parent to win a case for the parent he is representing. Only CPS took the children away from both parents and wouldn’t give them back for months . He fabricates the truth and lies to the court to get his way.

If he messes up your case and when you retaliate or write him a bad review, he will threaten to sue you if you don’t take the review down. Just read his review on Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/nejadpour-law-beverly-hills. He has done this to several of his clients. The facts are all there. You just have to look it up.

If you are his client, have been his client in the past or you were being sued by him, you will receive a class action law suit form in the mail. There are a group of victims that got together on a private forum and hired a law firm to officially disbar Bari Nejadpour and prevent him from damaging any more lives. I’ve seen countless people hire him because he is ruthless with the other party but they don’t realize he can be the same exact way if not worst with his own clients.

There is also a petition circulating to officially disbar Bari Nejadpour at the Law Offices of Law office of Nejadpour & Associates. The petition will be send to the California Bar Association within the coming months and well is 670 AM to prevent him from advertising and causing even more damage to innocent families and children. Please respond to this thread if you have been a victim as well and would like to seek monetary damage for his wrongdoings and unethical behavior.

Someone needs to teach him a lesson and make him recognize that parents, children, teenagers are innocent and desperate civilians who don’t deserve to have their lives ruined by a divorce, separation or any type of law suit. At some point, he needs to learn that people will retaliate if he keeps hurting them and acting unethically. There are many people that he has shut up over the years with threats but there is magic in numbers.

Do what’s right and good things will come your way but eventually, you reap what you sow. It’s that simple. If he shapes up, then there will be no repercussion for his actions. If he starts doing right by all the people he has hurt and is currently hurting.

Please be cautious if you come across this man. He is not a good person. He does not have a good heart. He does not have remorse or compassion for this own family, let alone yours. Please protect yourself and stay away. I don’t know what happened to this man during his life that he ended up this way but I pray he reads this and decides to get help. I pray he stops tormenting children and parents only to watch his own bank account go up. One person can cause so much damage and it’s a shame he can sleep at night knowing what he is doing.

It is one of my deepest regrets to have gotten to know this man. He has cost me my faith in humanity. Whoever has the heart to hurt children, will hurt anyone. There is no greater sin than that.


Met MR. Alexendar James, young guy about 6'1 and 180 pounds. Promised to print our ads in funeral advertisements, was insistint about getting paid half up front and another half a month later. Knew things were fishy when they demanded a wire because "they were having a problem with their credit card machine."

I was set up with a couple of different people through emails but I would never get a response from anyone… WEll calls have went unreturned and now I call and get their answering service who claims to be receptionist but never get any returned  calls. I was scammed, I will work it out. OTHER BEWARE,

Ben zander photohraphy Preben zander moller ben moller preben zander zander raw production raw production bangkok weird behavior with my wife, where is the money back? bangkok bangkok

We met ben zander in Bangkok for doing some photoshoot, my wife just gets proposed sex with him and harassed, not very professional 

Be very careful we heard after that he is using his job position to hook girls with his business card, (((REDACTED PER TOS)))

this is sad because he is a good photographer, really he is … but there so many others in Bangkok

weirdo here! 


Joseph Christopher Velasco, of Pomona, MAY BE THE MURDERER, SERIAL KILLER, STALKER Pomona California

Joseph Christopher Velasco ("Joe Velasco") matches the description of the unsovled string of cold cases stemming from Virginia, as the "Route 29 Stalker". 

Suspiciously, at the time of Alisha Showalter Reynolds death, Joe Velasco was across the country on the East Coast with his life-long friend Cathy Tomas. 

Strangely, the first of the victims of the string of murders was "Cathleen Thomas". This is significant, because Cathy Tomas, Joe Velasco's life-long friend has a lengthy history of identity theft, and stealing the identity of those who share the same name as her, or come close to the same name as her. She often uses identities like, "Cathy Thomas" (with an "h"), and even holds title to properties under this alias.

In addition, the sketch of the "Route 29 Stalker" mirrors the facial features of Joe Velasco and match him to a tee. 

Moreover, the description of the perpetrator is near exact to Joe Velasco. 

Flylatest HYSAN LLC Did not deliver the product ordered and had to fight for over a month to receive an answer. miami FL

In July I ordered 2 bras, front hook, from flylatest. I have been fighting since I received the wrong ones, back hook, to get a refund or the right bras.

I called the phone number from the page I ordered from and it is just an answering service.  I called the phone number on the shipping package for HYSAN LLC and it is also just an answering service.

I sent out 11 emails before I finally contacted the BBB. Since I did that I have had an offer of keeping the bras and receiving a 30% refund. I answered that I either want the product I ordered or a full refund. And received another offer of a full refund with an address in Miami FL for the return.

I am definitely going to make sure there is tracking on the package. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that I don get my money back. But be sure I will be posting an update.

MSC Cruises MSC Cruises USA Made a double charge of my reservation and has not reimbursed the money Fort Lauderdale Florida

It's been 4 months since MSC Cruises made a double charge of my reservation.

The cruise company has not reimbursed the money and they are not answering to my complaints

Think twice before booking a cruise with this company. They are not trustworthy

Lobel Financial Frivolous Charges Anaheim California

I have maintained full coverage insurance on my vehicle 2012 Infiniti G25 with Geico Insurance policy Number. In the month of July and August, Lobel Financial charged me an extra $81.00, late fee and daily interest on top of my monthly payment claiming that I do not have insurance on the vehicle.

On July 24th I contacted Lobel and was told to send insurance declaration to [email protected] using a client ID provided by Lobel in subject line & I would be credited back the late fees,extra charge and daily interest charged. That never happened! Again on August 26, 2019 I was told to resubmit the declaration using a different client id.

After resubmission, still no correction to the billing and charges. I called this morning and spoke with Leo who refused to allow me to speak with a member of management. Why couldn't Lobel contact Geico and verify coverage to prevent these frivolous charges? I am requesting that all extra charges, late fees and daily interest charges be credited back to my account. I would not recommend anyone finance a vehicle through this company.