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hibu.com hibu does not do what they say they will do—they locked me into a contract and billed me for services NOT RENDERED, even after I cancelled!!!

I lost money as a result of this company.  They limited me to 10 pages which were basic shells of a website.  All the detail that was in my previous website was lost.  Not only did I not gain a single referral as a result of their new "updated" website, I actually lost the prior level of business that I had.  Not only were they not helpful, they actuallly told me that they could not do what I wanted them to do which was update the site with before and afters that could easily be found by someone looking for the service. 

They took screen shots of my instagram videos and attached theses meaningless images as an unorganized gallery.  It is unfortunate that they do contracts to tie someone in to a monthly fee when they have zero intention of actually fulfulling the "we martket to people actually searching for what you do, and put your company info in front of them"  When they make you a crappy website, they point to them having made the crappy website and then say they are billing you for that shell of a website design. 

In sum they do nothing for you but bill your account.  This is a zero integrity company.  Would I hire them again?  no  They do not try to fix it when it is not right, this goes for any problem you have with them.  


The Order #: 111-1775509-4286611. I ordered grocering on Amazon Prime now. I left special instructions to have the driver call upon arrival so I could let them in to complete delivery. No one called and Jonathan the delivery driver marked the delivery as undeliverable. I was told by two employees that the driver does not have access to delivery instructions. SO THEN WHY DO I HAVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS IF THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEEDS TO READ THEM DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS.

That was excuse # 1. Excuse #2 was that the "leader" at Amazon who I requested a call from said that no one (not even a member of the store (3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles) could contact the driver at 2:20pm today to re-deliver the food (which was scheduled to be delivered between 2 and 4pm today). Whats to difference between that type of service and me giving my money to a perfect stranger and asking them to go bring me my groceries since no one at Amazon seems to be able to contact anyone who is deliverig their food.

If I was an executive at Amazon (which I never will be, because I wouldn't work for a double talking company) you can be sure they would have contacted that driver and made sure I got my groceries. So I will never be using Amazon Prime now again for any type of deliveries. Amazon….you may as well re-invent the wheel and put together a logistics and supply chain for groceries that actually works instead of making excuses for a system that doesnt work.

Republic Wireless Hacked my cell phone so it won’t work any more Raleigh NC

I was double billed by Republic Wireless on 7/20/19 for $24.38. Republic Wireless has no phone number to call, ticket system can take weeks for an answer, so I did a chargeback through my credit card company. Today (8/26/19), every phone call I try to make goes to some unknown company, and I can't receive calls.

Tried to contact Republic Wireless, it was one of their customers who explained that Republic Wireless needed updated credit card info, and that's why they sent all my calls to an unknown number. You know, instead of calling me or tesxting me or emailing me, for some reason they decided that this was the way to handle it.

I updated my CC info, still have the same problem, Finally received a message from someone at Republic Wireless, they explained that they did this to me because of the chargeback from last month. I sent them proof, a screen capture from my credit card statement, four hours later, no reply. I am still without phone access. No way to contact anyone there, they have no phone number for customers to call for billing or with problems, customers have to sit and wait for a "ticket" that might be answered today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week.

I have a family member 5 states away who is on her deathbed, I can't call or recive a call to find out if she's still alive or not. I'm a disbled vet with no other access to the outside world except for my phone and computer. I need my phone. Also, I've paid for this "service" from Republic Wireless for a year in advance, made that payment less than a month ago!

Modamily Modamily coparenting site which you can pay but never can STOP paying

When you hand over your credit card information, you need to realize they will never stop charging you money, and their customer support is very smug about what they are doing as well. Do not fall victim to this sleazy site. 

Genuinechemsales.com James Siyabonga THEFT, CON & HARASSMENT Wisconsin

This company begins by lureing you into a false sense of security by replying to you promptly. So I decided to order. I am a research chemical enthusiast and am always looking to try new products. After I placed my order and they verified that they recieved my payment they then tripple checked my information. Asking for my Name, address, phone number ETC.

I at first thought that this was good business and that they wanted to make sure I received the product that I ordered. I was wrong! After they verified all of my information they then changed my order to be over $5000.00 worth of products when I only ordered and paid for $100.00 worth of products. I told them that I thought that there had to be a mistake because I didn't order all of that.

They then tell me that they want to send all of that to me to try and if I like it I can make monthly payments to them for the products. They again verify my information once more. So I told them that I would try their products but if I didn't like them that I would be sending them back to them. They of course agreed. Then they inform me that the shipment is waiting to be shipped out.

That it is all boxed up and that I have to pay them $1700.00 for insurance on the package immediately. I then told them that they told me nothing about this and I don't want the extra products if that is required I just wanted the products that I actually ordered and I would be more than happy to pay for insurance on the products that I actually ordered and paid for already.

They then threatened me cussed at me called me all kinds of names and told me that I was broke and on drugs because I would not give them the extra $1700.00 for insurance. I then told them I was no longer interested in receiving anything from them and would prefer a refund as their website offers a money back guarantee. They then tell me that they don't have the money anymore that they put it all into shipping supplies and that I owed them for that also. So I got ripped off for $100.00 and got nothing except for cussed at for not allowing them to rip me off for more. 

Awful people!!!!

Marc Letourneau Finance Manager Finance office pusher ,bully,and lier winnipeg Manitoba

Marc Letourneau has had success in the business office for years due to his best friend Kevin Schumacher running the store, he is a very weak finance manager.

He uses pressure tactics and lies his way into selling products, he pushes products only for his bottom line not for the well being of his clients.

If you see this former buck tooth bully RUN!!!!

Galleria Credit Repair OWNER JUSTIN, Buckhead Credit Repair, Florida Credit Repair, Buckhead Credit Repair, Clean Credit Corp SCAMMING COMPANIES AND RIPPED ME OFF! ATLANTA, FORT LAUDERDALE GEORGIA, FLORIDA

I hired the owner Justin of Galleria Credit Repair 4 months ago, and was told that he would have my credit cleaned within those 4 months. I paid him 1750 for repairing my credit, and also for him adding 4 tradelines. He also told me that he owned another company in atlanta by the name of Clean Credit Corp.

I told him that I just wanted to make sure that my credit was cleaned. I had decent credit, but was aiming for a higher credit score like a 760. After 3 months of not hearing from Justin I contacted him to check the progress of my credit report, but I was never able to get in touch with him. After the fourth month, I keep emailing him, and saw that the emails where coming back to me which mean his email was no longer working.

I did my research on this company, and Justin have the SAME EXACT WEBSITES, AND COMPANIES IN ATLANTA/FLORIDA RIPPING PEOPLE OFF DOING THE EXACT SAME THING TO PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. He is located in fort lauderdale florida, and he have VIRTUAL OFFICES IN ATLANTA, AND FLORIDA. All 4 websites are the same for companies: galleria credit repair, clean credit corp, buckhead credit repair, and florida credit repair.

All 3 companies in atlanta also have the same exact phone number, and he have FAKE REVIEWS ON EACH OF HIS GOOGLE PAGES. I found out that he have virtual offices where you can't even meet him in person, and when you call the phone numbers now he don't even answer!

Justin is in between 2 states, and taking peoples hard earned money. Then running off with it, and he scammed hundreds of people. Justin hav been scamming peoples for years doing this! I have lost my money, and Justin is nowhere to be found!

CH Global Vanlines took our money and have not delivered our stuff Florida

My dad and I were moving from Arizona to Pennsylvania my dad through a friend of his contacted CH Global Vanlines to handle our move. They told my dad's friend on the phone they were "Global Vanlines" which is a actual reputable company. When the consultant and the movers arrived at our house they were very polite and professional and did a great job packing up everything but it was all downhill from there.

The consultant told us that it would be at our new home in a week. We didn't take a lot of furniture with us, most of the items we had loaded onto their truck were keepsakes and other items we cannot replace and most of our clothing and other things like that. More then a month has passed since then. 

My dad's friend realized her mistake and she and my dad have been working overtime with a lawyer to try to fix this. My dad is very distraught and this disaster and mixup has caused a lot of emotional hardship for my family. We do not know when we will get our items if at all. 

CH Global Vanlines represents themselves as a legit company, however they are a bait and switch scam. They impersonate legit companies to scam you. They are not a moving company they are a broker that sells your load to however will take it.

Apparantly most people including my dad have not gotten that memo. There are many complaints about missing and damaged items from this company which we should have read. Please read this and do not use this company.

My dad is very upset and feels like he let everyone down and so does his friend. 

All American Speakers All American Entertainment All American Speakers Bureau Gregory David Friedlander Greg Friedlander Celebritybookingagent fraudulently advertising speaking services with personalities with whom they have no business arrangement Durham NC

Greg Friedlander is a scam artist plain and simple.  Through his company, All American Speakers Bureau, he misrepresented himself to me on multiple occasions. As a person responsible for hiring speakers for my company's events, I became aware of Mr. Greg Friedlander and All American Entertainment because of an advertisement he ran featuring Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Jeff Bezos. 

Obviously, anyone with the clout to be representing arguably the three most important and influential CEO's of the modern era is someone I was excited to do business with. There was only one problem-Gregory Friedlander and All American Speakers Bureau has never had any relationship at all with any of these people. Just the age old fraud of bait and switch.  It's lying plain and simple. But don't take my word for it. Fortune magazine opened its own independent investigation of this issue and their results were both damning and amazing.

From the Fortune article- "All American Speakers have decided to skip the hassle of contracting with (or even contacting) the high tech heavyweights before pimping them as speakers"

Official representatives from Apple, Amazon, and Oracle all went on the record to disavow Greg Friedlander and All American Speakers Bureau. Each denied ever having any relationship whatsoever with Mr. Friedlander or his company.

Greg Friedlander is operating a fraudulent, unethical, and incresingly irrelavent speaker talent company. 

NetCredit , NC Financial Solutions of Utah , LLC, d/b/a Online loan fraud Salt Lake City UT

When I was waiting for a phone call to get a loan from the bb&t Bank, an Internet lender called me (Raven). Since I was waiting for a call from the bank's lending unit, I mistakenly provided my bank account information and my address when accepting the loan.

The company immediately declared me eligible for a $ 148.75% annual interest rate loan, and quickly set up the loan agreement with the information they had received from me, even though it had not reviewed my terms of service! Immediately, I became suspicious of the contract and found out that the company had been deceived by contacting the bb&t bank.

Due to the terms of the contract to cancel that strange contract I immediately made a phone call and e-mailed the number and e-mail included in the contract as a support unit ([email protected]), but unfortunately despite numerous attempts, No reply or contact with the relevant unit !!!. and I proceed to closed all of my bank accounts because of Internet fraud and changed all of my passwords online.

After reporting to the bb&t Bank, I also submitted a report to the police department.