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VirtualShield I was charged an annual fee when I was shown just the monthly

I'm almost too embarrassed to write this, but I was foolish enough to believe that I could get VPN protection for myself and family for 3.99 or 5.99 a month. 

Before the end of the free trial, I was charged $57.20. Thank God there wasn't enough in the account at the time. However, Virtualshield has made two additional attempts to take this amount from my account.

I tried to contact someone with no success to ask why this was happening before the trial is up and why the full year when I was made to believe it was monthly.

I tried to cancel the subscription via the virtualshield site and I'm still not 100% sure if the cancellation went through, but without missing a beat another attempt to withdraw the annual fee from my bank account.

I don't know what else to do to stop this. I'm so happy to have found you guys. Maybe you can help me.

SkinnyMeChocolate Sold an initial trial product and then considered me a subscriber and sent an automatic shipment on 09/19 for $34.99. Scottsdale AZ

I took the opportunity to try a sugar free/diabetic chocolate for an introductory price of $5.00 including shipping. The following month my bank account shows an additional charge for $34.99.

I had not requested any additional product.  The charged for shipment never arrived.

Garrett Allen Nesbitt Suzane Nesbitt, King Roofing Pros, King Roofing Pros LLC Suzane NesbittKing Roofing Pros King Roofing Pros LLC I invested my life savings of 33 thousand dollars and my credit to build the business of King Roofing. Albemarle North Carolina, Georgia Merrita North Carolina, Georgia

I am the owner and Garrett was a manager of the company. Garrett and Suzane stole all the business money and are continuing to run the company under the name of King Roofing Pros by using falsified documents.

Beware of these people! Garrett Allen Nesbitt and Suzane Nesbitt. They are deceiving people by using fake reviews. They create Google accounts and then they put fake reviews to make themselves look good.

Some of the reviews are from family members whom they have never Done any type of roofing projects. They are also posting pictures of residential homes and commercial properties along with churches that they also haven't done work on.

They are using pictures as if they are resent jobs that have been done but they are actually pictures of roofs we did over a yr ago. I would highly advise anyone that is thinking of using these people to do any business with to do your own investigation and research. 

If they can do these types of things and hurt innocent woman. Thwn they are capable of doing You wrong!  They both have a history of criminal activity and records that are for the public to see.

From Jonesboro Georgia to Union county Monroe, NC. And now residing in Merrita Georgia. They had a roofing business in Jonesboro Georgia called alliance roofing and restoration. They lost that business because they owed suppliers money for materials that they had purchased and left owing their employees. They also had a bad reputation of Not standing behind their warranties.

I met Garrett Nesbitt in February of 2018 and He had lost Everything. I then owned my on 15yr cleaning business, had a credit score of 840, owed No debt other than reg house bills and a savings of 33 thousand dollars. That I worked Very Hard for my whole life! 

Garrett had just founded the name king roofing Pros in December of 2017. Two months before I met him. He then convinced me into Investing All of my Savings along with my credit to get the business up and running.

We then put the business in my name. In April of 2018.

The business was doing very well and on July 15th of 2019. Garrett went online and changed All passwords and locked me out of everything. He transferred all the business money into his personal account and cleaned the business account out.

He then stole a little over 180 thousand dollars out of our personal safe along with many other things such as reward cards that I had accumulated from my Lowe's American exspess card.

He grabbed All the client files.

I had to call the local police department bacause Garrett had started getting verbally and physically abusive towards me. This is when Everything changed.

Garrett and Suzane then teamed up together and went around to our clients that we had already completed the jobs on and collected all the checks using the falsified documents that he went online and changed claiming him as the owner without my consent.

Garrett and Suzane continued business as if nothing had happened. They continued to do the jobs that we had lined up for production. Suzane has Not been any part of this company. She hasnt a dime invested nor was she even involved in anything to do with king Roofing Pros. 

Now I am left with owing over 30 thousand dollars for debt on materials at Lowe's that we had purchased on my Lowe's American exspess card for the clients jobs that we had completed. While they went to the clients and collected checks.

I am now also left with owing Thousands of dollars to the IRS that we filed me as the sole owner of the company. (king roofing Pros). They are claiming now to have been in business since 2006.

When actually king roofing Pros did not get up and running until the beginning of 2018. They are also claiming to be a Christian family owned business!

They are claiming also that they have been happily married for 14 yrs but have not been together for the past almost 3 and a half yrs.

The time that they were married, they have a stack of domestic violence and restraining orders against each other. They are trying to use sympathy on people by saying they have 3 small children together, again  only for their selfish gain.

This matter is going to be handled now by the civil court system now because so much has taking place falsely! I just want Everyone to be aware of what they have done and what they are continuing to do!.

I am Not the Only woman this has happened to. They have a pattern of finding woman that have their life together and then they come in and destroy that person for their own selfish gain!

They need and will be Stopped before there is another victim of their scams! I tried to get Garrett to settle this privately without getting homeowners involved and to handle this in an appropriate manner. He declined. 

Thank you and do Not Trust these two individuals!

Please do your own research!!

Thank you,

Owner Laura Lewis 

King Roofing Pros 

Digital Media Solutions Ripped off my 86-year old aunt for thousands Edmonds Washington

I first became aware of this company in July 2019. My aunt had been scammed by several Washington-area people pretending to offer her assistance with her business web site, and Digital Media Solutions was one of them. 

She did not contact these people – they called her in 2018, pretending to be affiliated with another web business provider. Eventually they talked her into paying for a blog to promote her site and other services, and she was billed a total of $9,000. This includes her being double-billed for several items.

The blog and other services provided were garbage. I have attached a sample.  The blog didn't even mention her business site, it's full of typos, badly written, and the one link to her site didn't work. 

When I contacted the proprietor on my aunt's behalf, the owner, a guy named Paul Bennett, was not helpful. He kept saying he was recording our calls – which is illegal in WA – and that he was going to sue me because I had turned him to the State AG and BBB. 

Now he says he will do additional work for my aunt free of charge but nothing has  materialized. 

I'm sure that Paul Bennett is working with other Washington-area scammers, targeting the elderly. I'll be filing separate reports for them. 

Laxmiprasad Paleypu .Masala Capital LLP Psrtner- Masala Capital LLP. Hyderabad, India. Othee companies. CFO and Chairman of Interups inc supposedly listed in USA. Investment fraud. Hyderabad Telangana

Investment fraud through his company Masala Capital LLP. 

He asked me to invest to buy stocks of a particular Hotel chain through his company promising good returns and interest on investment in a specific time period ( 2 months).

After a period of over 8 months,  nothing has happened and when asked for a refund of my investment money,  he first refused by giving unjustified reasons. 

Finally  he agreed to refund the investment amount along with the promised interest. 

Still its been over a month he has not fulfilled the commitment. He gives you dates of refund multiple times but never fulfills. He doesn't respond to mails or calls and disappears. 

He and his family have already allegedly committed frauds in USA as per reviews on Ripoff and other such forums. 

I hope he returns our hard earned money. 

Valentino Graystone Valentino Viola Tino Viola Tino Graystone Valentino Graystone, son of Giuseppe Viola and business partner to Blaine Dushanek and Kevin Dushanek of Red Deer Stole our Money! Red Deer Alberta

Valentino Graystone is a 2-bit con who is the Canadian criminal behind his father's internet extortion ring. They were hired by Blaine and Kevin Dushanek to harass me and my employees because they invested in our company and the stock price is down and they expect us to pay the difference.

 We told them that this is illegal and they sent someone to our offices to scare the staff. Valentino and his father pretend to be Joseph Roberti – a fake profile that is a Mexican vigilante. They call all hours of the day and night using fake phone numbers from Magic Jack.

The Dushaneks are criminals who run scams on the internet and must be stopped.   I have read a lot about these criminals all over the internet – beware. https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/blaine-dushanek/red-deer-alberta-t4n-4c4/blaine-dushanek-kevin-dushanek-giuseppe-viola-aka-joseph-roberti-shona-braseth-dushanek-1468872




Banfield Pet Hospital Harrisburg, NC Misdiagnosis and infected my cat with pink eye. Harrisburg NC

On July 3, 2019, I took my 7-year old cat to Banfield vet for a yearly exam in Boise, ID and no concerns were noted. We moved to the Charlotte area and within a few days, My cat had been exposed to a new environment, Pest control spayed inside the home and had come in contact with Hydrangea flowers.

My cat had mild dyspnea and I took him to Banfield in Harrisburg on August 20, 2019. He was seen by Dr. Bob Strong. He checked all his vitals which were normal and recommended several tests. My thoughts were that a bunch of tests might be a bit excessive given no other symptoms were present. We agreed on the treatment of a steroid shot and antibiotics.

On September 7, 2019, I dropped off my cat at Banfield because of an eye infection. I received a call and was informed that Bob Strong wanted to test for corneal ulcer which was $50.00. My cat did not hit his eye and declined to be charged for this.

Bob Strong did note on my cat's records that he could have pink eye. I agree with this diagnoses and my cat was infected at this Banfield location because he's an indoor cat and no other cats are in the home. Bob Strong also stated that my cat had a heart murmur grade 4-6 and Pro-BNP test should be done immediately.

I went to the Banfield to pick up my cat and spoke with Bob Strong. He claimed that my cat left value had collapsed and blood was backwashing. I knew what he was describing was mitral valve dysplasia and he confirmed this when I asked. He said this very serious matter and he had a referral to a cardiologist.

He wanted me to make an appointment before the test results came back. He also stated that my cat should not have any surgery but went on to say that out of the five dogs that he recently operated on, the only one who came out of anesthesia easily had a murmur. This did not sit well with me since I was taking my dog in the following Monday for a dental cleaning. I also inquired about my cat's eye. Bob Strong snapped at me and said: "you didn't want the test so I don't know."

I was informed that the Pro-BNP test would take 2 days. On September 10, 2019, I called for the test results and spoke with E. Whitmore, She informed me that the test was still pending and Dr. Bob Strong would call me. I requested that the test results be sent to my email. She said: " you will not understand the test results and Dr. Strong needs to explain the results to you." I reminded her that I paid for this test and I wanted the test results regardless. On September 11, 2019, Bob Strong called and said: "test results are normal, you've got a healthy cat."

On September 18, 2019, I spoke with Stephanie, the office manager. I expressed my disgust with Dr. Bob Strong for his unprofessional behavior and the fact that my family suffered great emotional turmoil over his misdiagnosis. She did seem sympathetic and apologized for his behavior.

On October 8, 2019. I took my cat to another vet. She examined my cat and did hear the presence of a murmur, a grade 2-3. The fact that he had a negative pro-BNP and the murmur is more than likely a side effect from the steroid, she wasn't concerned. She wants to see him again in a year. It is apparent to me that Banfield relies on up-selling to make a profit.

I'm usually very cautious about bogus charges but I disregarded my common sense when I was lead to believe by Dr. Bob Strong that my cat's life was in danger. I would not recommend Banfield to any pet parent.

Blackstone Valley Polar Express Polar Express Station Bought tickets at an auction they wouldn’t honor Rhode Island Woonsocket

In April of 2018 I went to a Santa convention and won 4 Polar Express tickets at an action for St. JUDE. I was so excited because I take my three young children every year as a holiday tradition.  We have gone every year for 10 years. My children were so excited as they always are to go.

On Nov 26th I pulled the tickets out to call and reserve our spots. To my shock the tickets were only good on Nov 16-18th. I paid $250.00 for tickets that were no good to me or my children as I was never told I would have to use them before Thanksgiving or I would have never fought so hard to win them, or spent the limited money I had to go so early.

I called Donna Houle a total of 9 times to tell her that I didnt even know you could go before December and is there anything they could do for me. I called a 10th time and finally spoke  to James on Nov 30th and was told there were no tickets left.

So awful they would donate tickets to an organization for a Christmas festivities that you have to use in the middle of November.  My Christmas tradition was ruined last year and they dont care.


Lewis Shafer He will drain you & your bank account & totally take advantage of your situation!! Extremely UNTRUSTWORTHY!! BEWARE!!! BOCA RATON Florida

He will drain you & your bank account & totally take advantage of your situation!! Extremely UNTRUSTWORTHY!! BEWARE!!! Liar & a cheat!! Will drag your case on as long as he can!! Don't make the same mistake I did!!

He will ruin your life!!!!! Google him & read all reviews before talking to him!! Proven fake reviews!! He cost me over $200,000!! This scumbag will STEAL all of your life savings!!!