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Nolands Roofing Inc Nolands Roofing Noland Roofing Refused to pay me after i quit cause of their unorthodox methods. Clermont, Tallahassee, Bradenton, Orange City Florida

Do not use this company! 6 months working for Nolands and i can tell you to stay away!! Between 20-40 people were fired or quit when i was there. Can you say revolving door?!  

They don’t care bout their employees or their customers. I’ve meet plenty who can back this all up. Workers here have been sexually harassed by upper management!! If you used Green Sky financing, you were over charged ILLEGALLY ! 

Want more info on this dirty company and how they do business, DM me.

The Superior Shave thesuperiorshave.com [email protected] (904) 515 8991 STOLE CREDIT CARD AND NEVER DELIVERED THE PRODUCT jacksonville florida

I ordered the product from Jarrod and superior shave few days ago. I ordered the soap from the website. After ordering soap from him and no delivery for almost 10 days I decided to send an email to the buyer.

After no reply on emails for more than 6 days I decided to call the number on my credit card statement and asked what happened to my product.

After fighting for almost 30 mins they found the order. Guy name Jarrod was very rude on the phone. He said it will take another 5 days. Today 2 weeks have gone by no product sent by him yet.

I decided to give this product as a gift. all the reviews here appear to be fake as I dont think even a single product was delivered by him to anyone..

Its a scam or fake website with no real product. On my credit card 2 more charges appear one for $29.99 and another for $53.99. His website is making unauthorized transactions on my card.

Whatever you do do not order from him. I never saw business owner or business with so much cheating expertise.

Milwaukee Tool Their sprayer failed to operate right out of the box. It cost me a day’s effort and shipping cost for no return. They deleted my review from their website.

Text of my review:

Out of Box Failure

Full charge on battery. Power light on on base. Pump operating. No fluid discharged from nozzle. Tech support clueless as to cause, says pump sounds normal over phone. This product wasted a full day of my life, cost me shipping expenses.

Text of Milwaukee Tool email:

Your review has been moderated.

It cannot be published to the website, but..

Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!


Verizon digital service Verizon oath Yahoo apple Mozilla truste trustarc Cisco exchange Adobe Oracle Facebook digicert abetterinternet.org web.com omniroot Lied not honest caught up in their lie I’ve researched for months price gouging malware tracking stealing and more Laveen AZ

I won't get into too much but I knew something was wrong with my device so we through them away and opened another in my wife's name, same stuff was going on now ive researched for months spent over 700.00 printing and everything I State I have the documents to back me.

Not only do the service suck my analytics told me I had Pegasus on one account Pegasus framework/Pegasus another time pegasusax/pegasusax I have printout of my analytics as well as confidential documents that say that they manage the devices with malware and rooting, my phone directed me to a confidential contract between cellco dba Verizon and a 3rd party entitiy in florida, let's just say I'm on a mtso mobile transfer switching office, and I'm being listened too spied on and tracked.

Now when I found the document and printed then came foreign guti plmn tai pmnc 311 pmcc 480 and tac 3022 a company is configuring this and when I read it it stated it needed a social media account referebly Facebook guess what phone numbers stolen offmy phone and planted in my Facebook, so now u have these asset management companies blocking me from reaching lawyers redirecting me from reporting to the FCC and other places, every lawyer I find represents them hmm, go to legal aid says site is not secure, so that taught me that anytime it says not secure there's something there, that's how I found web.com and truste and trustarc and apple telling Verizon that they can enroll people legacy devices into this program and ruin all my kids devices 4 new PC's Xboxes tablets cable everything was opensource, I've talk to the executive team and they wanted proof of Pegasus I sent a few documents so so she was supposed to call Friday she did that morning and caught the voicemail but later that Thursday evening I sent 150 items by fax and haven't heard from them no more, there a lot more but I'm keeping it short, so last few weeks I been getting calls from San Diego and and hearing this guy's voice message so last night answered and said hello I asked don't call me again he says ni*ger I'll kill you you don't know how big I am.

Sounded as too much alcohol and calling me on accident and how he know I'm black? So I hung up and he stated when he called back and ni*ga don't look me up I'll wipe u off the face of the Earth. It could of been a spoof call but why when I looked his name up it pulled up his LinkedIn account and work for a company called tealium. Looked the company up and the associated with Verizon and does tracking and put tags on folks.

But anyways I'm tracked and remoted into at the library my phone is cloned also when I sit and log in at the library it says can use computer because side by side configuration isn't set up systrace, downloading my stuff at the library Adobe cloud, GitHub write the scripts exchange caldav and webdav mail system and contacts Yahoo Bing Google have hidden featuees.

I have a pic with my iPhone having 2 sets of settings with different settings on, they play with your bills add a lil here and there got that print out to and also apple saying some stuff that's really crazy, there's a lot more. I received some photos when I was looking at some pics and it was some girls at the Verizon store on the display devices taking pics coming to my phone with the address stamo talking about an invasion of privacy.

I need my items fixed and let's not start talking about Bluetooth and domains and esim activated I got a pic of my cellular data where I can choose from 10 different providers including firstnet every thing I mention I got the proof just need expertise to represent me I appreciate it and [email protected] u can reach me if phone is turned off because I'm not paying it  thank you .

Mountain Eagle Trucking Sam Sharma They Hire drivers then they dont pay or even give paystubs … putting people in debt with bounce cheques Abbotsford British Columbia

Hello I am making a complaint in regards of Mountain Eagle Trucking LTD .. they are located in Abbotford British Columbia, Canada the owner of the company his name is Samjeev Sharma (Sam) .. he has been commiting fraud .. he hires drivers then when it comes to pay he will put in cheques in accounts that bounce ..

He has put many drivers in debt.. he also bought a new house using the bussiness account.. he wont send any pay stubs to his employees if he doesnt want you to drive for him he will not tell you he will just send cheques to them that bounces which causes the employees to go in debt.. I have myself tried talking to him his excuses is he cant pay because he doesnt have the money to pay.. question is why have a company if you cant pay your Drivers… doesnt make sence to me..

My fiance was working for him and his first pay the cheque bounced which put him in the hole!! he wont send him any pay stubbs to claim E.I … he will advoid phone calls he will say he is gonna pay but never does.. I have spoken to another driver that use to work there for him and he put him in the hole by $4,0000 

He had owner operations and they are in debt $150,000 .. he has a web site if you look up on google at Mountain Eagle Trucking if you go to review you will see the comments on ones he has scammed.. he has been moving his assets from one company to another company.. he also has trucks that he hasnt paid off that ended up on auction leaving the drivers stranded no food no money.

There is one driver that had to live in his car because of what Sam did to him… he owes insurance companys thousands of dollars of unpaid bills.. he lives in a million dollar house that was paid from the companys account.. his needs comes first before his drivers.. what I understand is that is illegal to buy a expencive house with companies account that money is for to pay his drivers…

Please check out his site and read the reviews.. we have contacted the police there in BC they will be investagating this.. but I want to reach out and get this out so he doesnt do this to the next person that is looking for a Job… he has already put one too many in debt we dont need more…. thanx so much for taking time in reading this.. I hope this will give awareness to others that just need a good reliable Job… I highly recommend not to work for the company..

Stewart Mechnical solutions LLc Micheal Lawrence Scam artists! They bill you, don’t repair the issue so you have to call them back and then they do the work without authorization and stick you with another bill! Phoenix Arizona

Stewart mechanical took advantage of us.  They charged us over $4,000 to service and repair for our AC units at a preschool.  It all started when we contacted them to check and service our AC units.  The first charge was $350 for taking the time to evaluate units and give a report.  The entire job to service, clean and improve functionality was $1200, after the service within mater of days we began to experience major issues needing emergency repairs which turned out to be another $2500!!  Then when we called back on an issue that was already repaired and paid for, they came fixed it charged us another $600 and 2 days after it broke down yet again!!  At this point, I decided that I was done calling them back.  I called another company they came replaced an electrical part in the AC charged me $300 and the problem was solved!!   
So conclusion, Stewart Mechanical took advantage, scammed us by not doing a good job, BEWARE of working with this company!  I already lost over $4600.  Now because we didn't think it was fair to pay for a bill which we didn't approve repairs for, they have proceeded to threaten to put a lien on the property.  
Talk about a NIGHTMARE…. STAY AWAY!!

Ascentium Capital Misappropriated loan funds Kingwood Texas

I borrowed $47,000 from ASCENTIUM CAPITAL to purchase an LED Road Sign. I authorized ASCENTIUM CAPITAL to pay the Vendor (Complete Signs, Dothan, Al) 1/2 of the amount of the loan. The agreement with the sign company is 1/2 down and 1/2 when the sign is installed.

Abruptly, without warning, ASCENTIUM CAPITAL disbursed the full amount of the loan proceeds to the SIGN company BEFORE the sign company began work. ASCENTIUM CAPITAL disbursed the full amount of the loan to make certain that the loan closed at the full $47,000. So I am left with owing $47,000 to Ascentium Capital, no money in my LOAN account and the Sign Company has been paid in FULL before the Sign Company even started work.

The vendor (Complete Signs, Dothan, Al.) took all the money ASCENTIUM CAPITAL paid and never preformed. To date, after over a year, the sign is still not installed. Because ASCENTIUM CAPITAL paid the Vendor ALL the money UP FRONT I have no leverage to induce the Sign company to deliver the sign. Short of litigation, that is. Because ASCENTIUM CAPITAL created the nightmare, I ask for their help, Ascentium Capital offered nothing.

I ask Ascentium Capital to replace the funds that they should not have removed, and Ascentium Capital offered nothing. They told me that if I miss a payment they will foreclose my loan , file a lawsuit against me and ruin my credit. So, for over a year I have been without $47,000, without my LED Sign and having to make monthly payments to ASCENTIUM CAPITAL of almost $1,100.

Plus ….Get this….ASCENTIUM CAPITAL required me to purchase insurance on the Loan. The insurance coverage does not begin until the sign is installed. I have been paying the MANDATORY insurance premiums for a year without any coverage. ASCENTIUM CAPITAL’s requirement for allowing the loan. Go figure. Allegedly, if ASCENTIUM CAPITAL is not the definition of crooked, bullying, unfair financial practices, predatory lending thieves, what is?

I am asking the public your opinion not accusing ASCENTIUM CAPITAL. BE CERTAIN THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ASCENTIUM CAPITAL HAS DISMISSED ME AS the POOR CUSTOMER THAT I AM. I have not yet found any support from the numerous government agencies I have contacted. No help from the Attorney General of Florida. I once believed in her credibility and her promise to help citizens, especially senior citizens Like me.

PostalExam473.com Took money for support program and offered no support Tucson Arizona

This company is the worst! They claim they can help you get hired with the post office but they don't do squat. They send you a bunch of material to go through by yourself but when you have a question or don't understand something there is no "support" for you! I tried calling the only number they provided and I NEVER got a live person. NEVER!

I called for days….even a week straight once. Not once was a live person available. How is that even possible? It's like they take your money and then set up a recording if you call so they don't have to talk to you.

They claim they are in Arizone but of course there is no address listed. I guess they don't want folks like me running up to them and accusing them face to face of being the unethical scammers that they are! BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY…STAY FAR FAR AWAY!

Graphic Solutions The company was treating an employee ridiculously while I waited for my order. Huntington WV

I was waiting to pick up an order and I heard a former employee being treated poorly. The employee came to pick up his paycheck after apparently quitting. He said they were supposed to mail it to him but didn't. I think they were holding it so that they could jump him when he came for it becasue when he asked for it, the receptionist said shed be back and a large man whom I can only guess is a manager of some sort came to bring it.

He began giving this poor employee down the road about quitting saying he needed to grow up. He also stated that the employee screwed the company by quitting when he did and that from there on any job he applied to would be told how much of a bad employee he was. The employee stood there with his head down being verbally berated. He asked in what way he screwed them over and the manager escalated.

He began cursing and saying mean things at the boy who stood there as if he were waiting for it to end. The manager told him he needed to "find his balls" and that he would never work again. It was ridiculous. In the front lobby. In front of customers. In front of me. This poor boy was being harassed when all he did was come to pick up his check. That man needs knocked down a peg or two. 

Stickr.com I signed on with this company to advertise for different companies by putting a sticker on my back window of my car and display their decal as I drive around  Las Vegas, NV89169

Stickr.com I signed on with this company to advertise for different companies by putting a sticker on my back window of my car and display their decal as I drive around and at end of the month I get paid as long as i send a photo of the decal on the car by first through the second of the month and they still charge you $9.99 every month but give it back to you once you send the verification of decal on the car as they said or state.

So I did all the was required and you to know how much my month pay was for the month A big whoopin $1.74 for the whole month and I drive all day everyday because I do deliverys as well for Postmates and I contact them to let them kn9ow it must have been a mistake in my pay and they no it's correct it is a pool and it divided up between everyone that's advertising for these companies and that my cut.This is highly a insult to me a $ 1.74 come on now this a scam.it has to be.