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Weiser Financial, Corey Weiser Weiser character not worthy of a financial planner orlando Florida

We did some business with Mr Corey Weiser and it turned to be a terrible experience. First he will use his fake soft voice and will talk to you like he is your best friend. Once you disagree with him, he will become vindictive and will bash you using the internet .

We want to be sure we express our freedom of speech in regards to Mr Weiser character but  Mr Weiser is trying to intimidate us via the use of threat made by multiple text, phone calls and letter sent by his lawyer.

Our encounter with mr Weiser is not directly related with Weiser financial but with his behavior , immaturity, lack of life experience and respect, arrogance. Mr Weiser does not like NO for an answer. His lack respect for people who do not want to do business with him is out of his world!!!

Mr Weiser will post countless negative reviews about  people and business who encountered  his spoiled, arrogant, immature, compulsive, psycho behavior. From an accountant who did not want to do his tax return filing, a cabinet installer who refused to do business with him, a bank or a restaurant who made him wait in line, a restaurant who take a bit longer to serve him during busy hours…most refused to work with him as he acted like a spoil brat.

Mr Weiser does not like to follow  a company policy and hate No for an answer. Due to behavior we mentioned, in no case we can recommand Mr Weiser as a financial planner with such wierd Character and leave him in charge of our hard working money.

Brad Praznik Brad Praznik construction, Bradley Praznik doors and windows, Brad Praznik remodeling Took a large down payment for a job, cashed the check, never return another call or text. Lakeville Minnesota

Brad Prasnik is a complete and total rip off.  After he built trust, took a $9,000 down payment for a large remodel and ran.  Literally took the check to the bank and cashed immediately. 

Then his phone was disconnected, never to be heard from again.  Do not trust him, he is a scam artist.  I am sick to my stomach over this.  Don't let it happen to you.

Celadon Trucking Services BEWARE Celadon Trucking will not only rip you off on you pay but mark you DAC as well Indianapolis IN

After informing Celadon that I would be leaving the company and returning the truck by Bobtailing it to the closest terminal they told me that the only way I would be allowed to return the truck is if I took a load back with me. But I told them I was only willing to bobtail at to the terminal.

They told me if I bobtail it to the Richmond VA from Pennsylvania 276 MI that they would mark my DAC report with unauthorized use of company equipment. When they did that by the law I cannot move the truck so I told them to come and get their truck.

I gave them all the info on the paid parking location where the truck was located. I made every effort I could to return their piece of equipment they are now threatening to apply it to my DAC report as an abandonment.

Today a day after I told them to come and get it they had a wrecker service come out and get the truck so I'm assuming they're going to try to get me for that too. Whatever you do will work for Celadon they will rip you off.

I have documentation of the entire conversation with celadon if you wish to see it.

Amazon Amazon.com; Inc. refused to process payment right then & there & on time & refuse to deliver items Seattle Washington

On 11/01/19 I made a purchase on two wigs & a set of: pots, pans, & cooking items on Amazon for a total price of $99.25. It stated on their website that my payment went through. They even gave me the confirmation # of the payment.

This is my Order #111-9408221-7882615. It had stated that the delivery of the items will be from Thursday, 11/07/19 to Friday, 11/08/19 via their confirmation email. They were all at work working hours on Friday. I think that they work on Saturdays too. It was not until Monday, 11/04/19 that they told me that my payment was declined.

When I made that payment for them on 11/01/19 I know for a fact that I had a total amount of $500 on that card because I had just went to a retail store to load money on the card. I made a purchase on another website & in physical stores with the payments going through fine each time.

Amazon obviously would not accept the payment for some reason. This is the 2nd time that they did this to me on items on their website. If something was wrong with the payment it should have been declined right then like it have in the past on other items & how other websites do it.

They should deliver me the items since it was error on their ends. I have loyally been a customer of Amazon since 2011. They seem to have a fraudalent late processing of payments going on their website.

justanswer.com just Answer Once you enter your credit card information, expect monthly unauthorized charges on your credit card “under the umbrella of membership fee with hidden disclaimers” until you cancel your credit card for fraud. They wont stop charging you, even when they tell you they do

I had an issue with my printer. I was referred to this site by Epson (a legit printer brand), so I didnt think twice about using it. First a Robot chats opens up to gets your name and city and informs you of a $1.00 charge for the services.

So you are thinking to yourself, "$1 is not bad, i'll give this a try", not realizing the $1.00 charge is to get your credit card information and open a profile for you before you have a chance to change your mind. Then you get transferred to the supposed live " expert".

The first thing the live "Expert" informs you of is the $40 charge which will be on your credit card for using his services. When You look at the ranking of this supposed Expert on top of the page and youd see that he has 5 stars. But when you look more, you'd notice that thir web site has already ranked this experts quality of service as 5 stars on your behalf and you cannot even change this ranking!

So far, there had been no mention of the Printer problem I initiallly called for. At that point I get a text on my phone notifying me of a $40 charge on my credit card. By then I am furious and realize that I am dealing with online scammer.

I inform their "expert" of the unauthorized charge of $40 on my credit card without even discussing the issue on my printer. He dissapears for 10 minutes. Then he finally responds that I need to call another number to request a refund. I call the number and explain the situation.

I am told that  the "Supervisor" needs to authorize refunds. After one more transfer, I am told that the charge will be refunded on my account but it will take several days for the refund to appear. By then I am so furious with this company for having created an extra problem for me to deal with besides the original printer problem that I decide to discard my printer all togetehr and buy a new one.

One week later, I wake up to another text from my credit card company of a $40 charge from this company. I go online to see if I can do something about this unauthorized charge. The instructions on their site says to log into account and go to "Cancel my membership" section of your profile and just cancel your membership.

I never signed up for a membership of this company, but out of curiosity, I went to the profile I had created the first time I was duped and pressed this "cancel my membership" and saw that another dialogue with the robot openned up trying to lure me in as a new client again.

Thats when I knew this is going to be a nightmare if I dont stop them and take a more radical approach. I called my credit card company, reported teh fraudulent card and had them cancel my card and issue me another card.  

Why There Is No Hope John Cleese Waste of time. Waste of money. Not Funny. Ripoff.

Last night I went to see John Cleese live on his roadshow 'why there is no hope'. Paid $300 for 2 tickets. DO NO WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE. Not funny. Old comedy relic ranting on about his ex-wives, why he is so clever, all the funny shows he has done, AND ZERO ORIGINAL MATERIAL. Walked out after 30 minutes. Asked my friend who stayed 'didi it get funnier after I left'? and he said 'nope'.

John Cleese rocked in his day. Now he's leveraging his reputation on a world tour and scamming his fans with drivel, political opinions (of course Trump bashing), aren't we sick and tired of Hollywood and entertainment performers giving us their political opinions. I did not pay $300 for your political opinions Mr. Cleese, I came to laugh. And did not.

See these reviews from Toronto theater, average rating is 2.3 stars!


Save your time and your money


They told me there would be a $69 charge for 5 or 6 treatments. Then when I used those up (I actually did use these 5 or 6 treatments for the $69)  they told me to buy another "membership" or series of treatments for another $69.   I declined.  

That, in my opinion,  was my cancellation of the undisclosed lifetime monthly recurring charges.  They said since I had canceled, I could use their services for $20/visit.  I did use this new offer and received and paid for 2-4 visits/treatments for $20 each. 

They then started charging my credit card $69/mo  once I stopped going for the $20 per time use fee.   This is similar to internet scams where you buy something and pay for it, and  then you get a recurring monthly charge forever unless you cancel in writing..This is deception and possible fraud.

D&J Auto Exchange Jennifer Fish Intentionally sold a faulty Vehicle Columbus IN

    Dear KIMBERLEY CHANEY,   We've received word that your vehicle is located at Franklin wrecker services.  We wanted to let you know that you are responsible for the balance due on this vehicle.  Your payments must continue to be made on time.    Thank you.
Jennifer Fish Owner
D&J Auto Exchange
1005 25th St. Columbus, Indiana 47201
(812) 799-3829 DJAutoexchange.com   M-F 11-7 Sat 11-5    

Good afternoon,  

My name is Josh Fountain and my wife if Kim Chaney, we purchased the following Vehicle From your dealership on Saturday November 2nd.   2006 Nissan Altima VIN 1N4AL11D96C141987 Stock# 11029   Down payment paid 155.00 Debit 520.00 Cash $675.00 total.     

The vehicle was driven from Columbus, IN directly to Greenwood, IN and began having issues less than 100 miles from time of purchase.  The vehicle stalled on State road 144 approximately near centerline Rd in Franklin, IN(Johnson County).  

When the vehicle stalled it started to slightly turn over as if the fuel was empty although the fuel gauge showed a lil more than a quarter of a tank, we went to Walmart to purchase a new fuel can, added a gallon of regular unleaded fuel and tried to start the vehicle up in hopes this would correct or fix the issue.

While trying to start the vehicle no more than 4 times, the vehicle made a loud click and thr engine wouldn't turn over again. The owners were stranded on State road 144 in a person's home driveway and the owner of the property wouldn't allow the car to sit on their property.  

Johnson County Sheriff's Department was called by the owner of the home and the vehicle was towed by Franklin Wrecker.  Current location of vehicle and contact information:   Franklin Wrecker 3035 R J Parkway Franklin, IN 46131 Phone 317-736-6550  

Resolution requested from new owners of the undrivable Vehicle:  

Option 1: Refund the $675.00 Deposit paid on vehicle and cancel retail installment contract on the 2006 Nissan Altima, Stock # 11029  

Option 2: Allow the owners to transfer into a vehicle in the same class or similar to the Nissan Altima.  

We prefer option 2 because we need a vehicle to maintain our livelihood and pay necessary living expenses, such as rent, food, basic hygeine.    The new owners of the undrivable Nissan Altima also a requesting a fast and speedy process of their refund and/or transferring into a different vehicle that is similar to the one purchased.  

——– Dealership sold us a faulty vehcile, less than 100 miles driven and vehcile completely locked up   

Tana Elegance Tana Elegant, Tana Fashion, Tana Chic The fake Chanel bag with defects London UK

They sell fake designer bags with defects. They use fake policies for return and exhange and face cusomer reviews. They are ignoring all the messages.

The item was sent from: Li Shuichenz 31# Jinlin rd Jianxin Town Cangshan Distry CangShanQu FuZhouShi Fujian 350000 China Phone 18965728901

TROXEL ZACK MELVIN III TROXEL MELVIN FINANCE INC. Pretended legitimate lender Troxel Zack Melvin III scammed $150 loan processing fee and never complied loan deliviry DALLAS TEXAS

Troxel Zack Melvin III, an account manager of non-existing "Troxel Melvin Finance Inc." Dallas TX approached me via sending me an email and later via What'sApp chat out of blue. It was at the beggining of August and he introduced himself as a private lender at Troxel Melvin Finance Inc. and told he could find me through "Dealstream.com" posting.

I disregarded his contacts for 3 months or so, but by late October he started to contact me via WhatsApp chats almost everyday proposing his low cost funding to my business at 4.0% a year. Recently, from Oct. 30, he proposed a loan for $50,000 as the first trial loan for our needs and the dicussion became serious.

On Nov. 4th (mon) a loan agreement was concluded with speficic terms and conditions with description that the total one time loan processing fee is $550, and lender and borrower had reached to an agreement that borrower shall pay $150 upfront and $400 only after the loan disbursement had completed.

By making sure about it, I signed in the agreement and sent $150 via bitcoins to his designated bitcoin address with an expectation that the loan shall be delivered on the very same day as of yesterday.

However, I have not received any communication from him immediately after the $150 sent and no actual loan for $50,000 had been credited to our bank account as agreed.

Morning of today, Nov. 5th (Tuesday) I sent a few messages to his SMS address inquiring the fate of the loan. For 2 hours time, there was no response at all. Later, I received a message from him by telling, "Sorry for the late response. We made a legal agreement but am sorry the $150 you sent could not complete the process. You will have the loan today if you can send $150 to complete the process."

The loan agreement closed had very specific description about payment of such one time processing fee as agreed, but this man unilaterally broke such contractual agreed term and started to solicit another upfront pay money. I stopped communicating with him at this instance.

Same as other illegitimate private lenders, he used gmail even by pretending as if he were a part of the Troxel Melvin Finance Inc. Also he sent a copy of driver's license before I had requested him to do so. He sent also a short video of his customer telling he was very grateful for Troxel's funding granted.

Even small amount of money stolen and indication of another money solicitation by breaching the term agreed in the loan agreement clerly shown such unfair and illegitimate feature of nasty scammer.

I stopped immediately at this moment to avoid any waste of time and precious money.